Earl Grey Moonlight by Adagio a.k.a. The Tea That Gave This Blog Its Name

Great new Tea blog for all of my friends on here that enjoy my blog…

Tea and biscuits

looking down into my jar of tea. You can see the orange peel and cornflowers. When I first discovered this I wanted to make a perfume out of it for myself. Hmmmm… maybe later…

The tea where I took my blog name from. https://www.adagio.com/black/earl_grey_moonlight.html

By popular demand, we created this Earl Grey ‘cream’ blend. Comforting flavors of vanilla and cream combine to soften the citrus notes of traditional Earl Grey. Your taste buds will swoon at first sip of our Earl Grey Moonlight.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 3-5 minutes.

Ingredients & Lore

Blended With Black Tea, Orange, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Natural Bergamot Flavor & Natural Creme Flavor

It is said that in 1830, an Englishman named Charles Earl Grey traveled on a diplomatic mission to China, where in return for his act of kindness, a local man presented him…

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Being so Caffeinated you can taste color. Sadly it was all kinda bland. Lip Monthly Subscription Review.

Oh mahhhhhh god fam, I am so sorry I have been absent from this blog since the big Tea Advent Calendar posts.

I can explain!

I’ve been doing some soul searching and some other things and as part of my campaign to make 2019 my bitch I have decided to practice some self-compassion.

I’ve been struggling with some self-esteem issues as well as depression for the last several years. I haven’t really bothered with makeup. I don’t actually bother much with mirrors. I want to change that and have been slowly investing in some makeup.

So that is what this segment is about. I want to go back to book reviewing as well as keeping the focus on my biggest obsession which is tea!


Haha First picture to show, but last I took. I have already given the crayon away. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. I hope you understand that I am basically a novice. As someone who was wearing makeup in the 90s, I pretty much feel like this is a whole new world. No one is trying to get their powder foundation to match the color of the inside of their wrist. We were an awfully pale back then.

Without further ado here is my review for my first (and last) Lip Monthly mystery bag.

Today’s tea is Adagio’s Capricorn blend. (Blended With Black Tea, White Tea, Assam Melody Tea, Ceylon Sonata Tea, Apple Pieces, Coconut, Rose Petals, Natural Vanilla Flavor & Natural Coconut Flavor)

It’s in my top 5 of all time teas. I enjoyed it with a splash of milk because I’m British like that. (I’m not. I’m from Southern California.) The coconut sets the tone for this tea, and the blending of different black teas really bring it up to a full flavor and dare I say, robust profile.

HAHAHA Oh god, I said robust with half a fuck straight face. Legit this tea is the tits. I love it. Go try it!!

If you go to their website and check out your horoscope blend, you’ll get a fortune.

Here is mine: Mar 16thYou are advised to lead a simple life today and should avoid facing threatening situations and disputes. You should not enter into deals related to purchase of materials, taking decisions, entering into financial investments and starting new projects, etc. You may initiate a journey this day. Identify your detractors and maintain a safe distance from them. Try to overcome your internal enemies like desire, anger, greed, etc and try to overpower them.

Well shit. I totally bought something off Facebook Marketplace today for 10 bucks. I sure as shit hope I don’t regret that purchase…

Also I wanted to start a new project that was Fight Club, but not really cause I can’t talk about it. So Yeah.

Oh and I maybe should wait to start this “new project”… Nah. Fuck it. We’re already like 400 words in. I’m dedicated.

Oh, and if you care, I am listening to Nina Simone. This Album: Nina Simone on Spotify


As a baby Unicorn, I LOVED HELLO KITTY MYSTERY BAGS!! (Ok, I still love them.) I view makeup/glam mystery bags as the adult version of this obsession.

So with a coupon, I was able to get Lip Monthly for $5 bucks as opposed to their regular $12.95 a month price.


I was kinda spoiled by Ipsy’s pretty bags. #extra 

I have very little by way of lipstick so I decided this would be a great way to get a bunch of groovy colors and try out what I might like. You know, am I old enough to rock the fuck out of some red lipstick? Or what about blue? I might like that. I have nary a clue friends.

Well, I stalked their social media. All of it. Little to no activity. Only 1 spoiler for March. They made it sound like everyone would be getting it. I did not.

Lip Monthly says you’ll get 4-5 lip related beauty items. A lot of people I noticed on Youtube said that they did not receive 5 items at all and usually it was 3 lip items and 1 beauty.



I got 4 things, and they are all lips! Score right? Ehhh… 3 of the colors are so close that it’s kind of redundant. The Bellapierre lipstick was stuck to the lid, and I had to get it all over myself to get it back into the holder and now I will never trust it. You know once a lipstick gets a faint taste of freedom they long for it. They will escape at the next inconvenient moment and fuck up your white blouse. White pants. Or in my case the white inside of my Coach clutch. I’m still pissed, and it’s been fucking 13 years.


Look at shifty that Bellapierre is… One of these things is not like the others and that made me sad. (Wish it had been none of these things are like the other.) 

The little card that came with it had no descriptions or price information. Most monthly subscriptions have a list of what everything costs and it’s to drive home how you’re saving hundreds of dollars.

I know that what I received was worth more than the $5 I paid for it.

But even so, I still canceled my subscription.

I just wasn’t happy overall. Lip Monthly’s website sucks. It really does. I paid on 2/27, and I got an email it shipped on the 11th, and it arrived today (the 16th.) That is fine, it states that it ships between 10-15 of the month. But like I got my BoxyLux box this month on like the 6th.

I’m pissed that I didn’t get the awesome DLS Lippie that they showed off as their one and only spoiler for March. I really wanted that fucking thing! It had polka dots on the tube! POLKA DOTS! It’s like Uni-nip for me.

Overall I would give the whole Lip Monthly experience an averaged score of 2.5 out of 5.

The products are good. I have already re-homed the crayon. I like the Bellapierre, but I won’t trust it in my everyday makeup bag. The Bang Beauty is way too pink, and I might be skipping it or giving it away. The Pixi by Petra is my favorite, and that is why I’m gonna give the products an overall score of 3 out of 5.


Special Thanks to the Baby Uni for letting me use his pretty skin to swatch this! 

Alright friends… I need a name for this segment. Tea, makeup, and other fun stuff. Any ideas? Please comment, and if I use yours, I’ll send you a little surprise. (What a heads up of course because I’m not a stalker. Oh, I totally am. But you know appearances.)

Day 23 Green Tea and Rice Crispies.

food snack popcorn movie theater

This is what I was expecting but not what I got. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This tea is called Genmaicha and it’s a mix of Japanese green tea and popped brown rice. It was also known as the “People’s Tea” because using the popped rice made it able to use less tea leaf. Now it’s enjoyed by everybody.

Some people like to drink this tea while they are fasting for religious reasons. Combined with the popped rice and tea it gives this tea a full warm roasted nutty flavor. It brews up a light yellowish hue.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 180° for 2 minutes.

First Impressions:

The bag smells like green tea and rice krispies.  This is going to be weird.

First sniff of brewed cup – smells like green tea and rice krispies.

Guess what it tastes like?!?!?!?! It isn’t bad. It isn’t my new fave. I’m not going to order this. I’m chalking this one up to experience and moving on.



Green tea and popped rice? What the absolute fuck. That is my first impression. It looks like grass and rice crispies in the bloody bag. Fuck this. I can’t do it.

Okay, I took a drink. It’s exactly like that time I drank a shit ton of Arizona green tea and eat a bag of popcorn, right before I road the huge ass roller coaster on the Nevada state-line, while we were traveling to Las Vegas. I should add that I was mixing some sort of booze with the tea and I totally threw up popcorn balls of pure burning hate. I was like a video game monster. Just no.

This isn’t as bad… but it’s not something I will ever drink again on purpose.

Another tea website describes the blend of green tea and popped brown rice as soothing to the soul as chicken soup.  What do you drink to soothe your soul? Do you find chicken soup soothing?

Peppermint tea is my go-to drink for soul soothing.  Unless I feel that something needs to be addressed either health wise or spiritually.  Because then I break into the loose herbs and blend myself something.

I’m not a huge fan of chicken soup. The broth smells gross. It always tastes nice. But I have trouble getting past the icky smell.

My great aunt used to make what she called “Italian Soup” and I called funeral soup, because she always had a pot going for wakes and funerals. It was chicken stock, parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs. Maybe an egg. I can’t remember. It smelled gross but tasted like heaven. My last memory of Aunt Lee’s soup was at my grandmother’s wake. She had a big stock pot of it going on the stove in my grandparent’s house.

A perfect cup of Earl Grey soothes my soul. Apple juice soothes my soul. Chicken soup is not something that I find at all soothing. I think it smells funky and I am very weird about chicken fat floating around in there. The kind of soup I like is like 294372375 steps. A very well made Pho is more my speed. 

How do you like your actual popcorn?

Slightly buttery.  Or plain. I don’t like the caramel or cheese kinds. I don’t eat a lot of popcorn. I used to, before surgery.  Now I just eat it at the one or two movies I see a year in the theatre. I used to have an air popper when Emma was little. But it freaked her and the cats out so when it died, I didn’t replace it.


I like kettle corn, slightly burnt, sprinkled with M&Ms.


Since this is really toasted rice and not popcorn, and it freaking tastes like rice cereal, what is your favorite crisp rice cereal treat?

red christmas tree

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Do people do anything else with crispy rice cereal other than rice crispie treats or balls?  I like mine with peanut butter.

I actually like just plain rice crispies. I am not a fan of any of the fancier versions. I actually like frosted flakes and marshmallows best of all. 


On a scale of 1 Pop to 10, how many pops would you give this?


I give it 2 pops. It doesn’t rock that much… 

Day 24 Merry TEAmas!

blur celebration christmas cookies

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Merry Christmas everyone! It has been a fun and entertaining 24 crazy days with you all. I hope in the future that Viking Wife and I can work together again on more tea reviews.

I hope that for this holiday season that you and yours are happy and healthy and that all of your tea is brewed perfectly!

I will be announcing the winner of the free tea in a few days. I am currently not at home and I would like to handle all that once I get back to my own WIFI.

Soon it will be 2019 and with it all kinds of new adventures to have and tea to enjoy!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog.

Unicorn smooches and all that rainbow glittery jazz.


This tea contains no caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.
First Impressions:

The bag smells like hibiscus. Which is nice. I like hibiscus teas. The taste is strong with the hibiscus. I can’t quite pick out the fruits or the lemon grass. I like it. I may have to order some to make iced tea for the kids rituals. I think they would like this one, too.

Omg it’s basically the pieces of a fruit cake. I smell sweetness. That is it. JUST SWEETNESS. 


How are cherries green? 

Fruit Cakes.. Yay or Nay for the Christmas gifting?

Um… No. the ones I’m aware of are made with that preserved, “candied” fruit.  That stuff freaks me out. If I made a cake full of things like dried fruits that I like. Wait!  Good idea! I’ll get prunes and raisins and pears and peaches and cherries and make a fruit cake. Omg. And I can get that apple plum brandy from the winery up the road. Oh-ho-ho….
Fuck no. Who actually eats these things? Please if you’re gonna make me a cake. Make it a Rum cake. Or better yet, make it a rum cake minus the cake. Just gimme rum. 

Did this taste like any Sangria that you’ve ever had?

No. But I’ve only ever had a white sangria. And it was very strong.

Yes. This tea legit isn’t as bad as I was dreading the whole time. I mean let’s be honestly we kinda checked out what we were gonna be getting. We just didn’t know which day it was gonna be served up. I am not really that thrilled at a tea bag filled of just weird dried fruit bits. But this would be great served cold during summer time. 

So over all how did you feel about the Adagio Advent Calendar?

Overall I like the concept.  I love tea. I love new tea. But some of these selections were questionable. Not this one. This one is good. They should really do different ones or customizable ones.  I’d make you one with all decaf chais and earl greys. No green teas. No oolongs.
I know I complained a lot but I had so much fun with it. Doing this with Viking Wife was a pleasure and I would love to do more reviews with her. I feel like my tea tries have been expanded and there are tea’s I would totally like to try more of. 

Out of all the tea’s we tried… Which would you Snog? Marry? Kill?

I’m snogging this sangria right now. I’d marry the peppermint. And I’d kill the Jasmine.

I would snog the Peppermint. Marry the English Breakfast and murder the fucking Gingerbread. 

How many fruit cakes would you give this tea?

I’m giving this a full 5 fruitcakes.  I really like it.

I was surprised. I give it 4 fruitcakes. 

How many stars does the advent calendar rate over all?

Out of 5?  I’d give the calendar 4 out of 5 Christmas stars.

I would give it a 4 as well. 

silver stock pot with liquid substance and lemon

Photo by Jens Mahnke on Pexels.com

Sangria may have originated in Spain and Portugal and was brought to the Americas during colonization.  The definition of sangria is a Spanish drink of red wine mixed with lemonade, fruit and spices. Does this tea live up to that definition?

I can see how they actually put thought into this blend based on this definition. It’s red, they added lemon grass and fruit.  If I were to re-blend this I’d add dried lemon peel. Maybe a splash of lemon juice in my cup. Oh… I need this in my life now.

It did actually I have had a lot of Sangria in my life and it did live up to it. It was lacking a bitterness or tartness which was fine with me. But I really enjoyed the cuppa and I’d brew up some of this and add a nice white to it and serve it over ice. I think. Like a shortcut sangria lol. 

Hipster Wife and I read the spoilers on the Adagio site and we knew this would be the Christmas Eve tea.  She has been cranky all month, dreading this cuppa. She’s threatened to make fruit cake out of the remains. Fruitcake apparently lasts forever because it is so densely packed with preserved fruits and nuts, and then baked and bathed in rum or brandy, that mold does not grow. There is one family that has had the same fruit cake for over 150 years.  They sample it regularly to make sure it’s still edible. Whatever floats your Yule Goat. Do you think this tea would be a good mixer with wine?

Hmmm… now I really need to order this loose. I wonder if it would blend with any of the reds I like. Or with a dark berry mead!  Oooooo!!! I bet it would blend nicely with one of my dark meads.

Funny, I think I would mix with a white wine or a sparkling. Mmmm sparkling wine. 

alcohol alcoholic beverage celebrate

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Day 22 What is our favorite Thai dishes and fake peaches.

round orange fruits

MISSING: PEACHES…Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

Since we have addressed Oolong tea’s in this advent calendar. I am not really going to pick it apart.

Today’s tea is Peach Oolong and it actually has no real peaches in it. So like Mario the Viking Wife and I found out that our Peach was in another castle.


This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 3-5 minutes.

First Impression:

Smells like artificial flavoring. No indication on the bag that this is natural.  Brewed cup smells the same. It tastes okay. I keep wondering if this is going to be crap like yesterday’s oolong. Wait… there it is. Something in this oolong and yesterday’s is giving me a headache.  Adagio’s site says it is blended with ‘natural peach flavor”, apple, marigold flowers and apricots.

Hang on. If they can use apricots, why can’t they use real peaches?

I am literally opening each day of this Calendar with a Hello, what new torture is this today?

Peach tea without peaches. Peachy.

There’s a place in California that sold “guacamole” but it didn’t have avocados in it. It was made out of peas. Seriously. I liked it and didn’t know it didn’t have avocado in it. This is like that tea. I taste peach but there isn’t really peach in it.

The Chinese began cultivating peaches around 2000BC.  Trade brought them to Greece and Persia. Then the Romans got them (mostly because the Romans took everything from the Greeks). And then peaches made their way to the US. Apparently there were so many trees that botanists thought they were native here.

Fascinating. Anyway, on to the peach question: do you enjoy real peaches? Do you use them in any recipes?

I like peaches. Man, this oolong headache is killing me.  I prefer a nectarine because the skin isn’t fuzzy. I’d say I make an Earl Grey Moonlight Peach cake… but I use nectarines.

I did date a boy from Georgia when I was in high school. So I clearly had to get peach juice at the natural foods store and eat all the peach stuff I could.  

Did we even get peaches when we went to Georgia?  We got boiled peanuts. And moonshine. Which we didn’t drink. Yes but it was Peach Moonshine. So that kind counts?

I don’t really have an opinion. I think peaches are good in cobbler. I haven’t eaten peach cobbler in 22 years or so. Last I had was with my dad who loved it and he died in 1996 so yeah that long. Peach flavor is kinda like Raspberry flavor to me. It’s everywhere and why does it have to be weird colors? PR likes peaches in milk. Which kinda makes me wanna hurl.


Thailand is not one of the largest producers of tea, but they are supposed to have very high quality green and oolong teas.  These teas are expensive and most of them are not exported to the US. Do you feel we are being left out of this allegedly exclusive tea market?

Yes. I like green teas, unlike my Hipster Wife.  She’s probably glad we don’t get expensive green teas. She’d probably flip a table or something. But if the organic high quality teas of Thailand were to be available here, I’d be interested in sampling them.

I legit feel like that guy in Clockwork Orange, only I am being forced to drink green tea until I like it. I’m getting there. Any moment now I am going to cover myself in green tea oil and roll around naked in matcha.

That said I would love to try any tea just once. Even the expensive Thailand teas. I have always wanted to go there. Perhaps on a tea adventure.


Since we are talking about Thailand, what is your favourite Thai food?

I don’t (really can’t) eat rice or noodles. So I like a nice spicy chicken red curry. I’ve tried all the curries at the local places and this is my go-to dish. Before surgery I enjoyed pad Thai.

Hands down I can eat Kaeng Kari. Which is a yellow curry. I can eat this until I died from joy. I wish I had some right now. I am sad now that I don’t have it. I just have this cup of fake peach tea.


Bangkok is in Thailand.  Murray Head, brother of actor Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, The Adventures of Merlin) hard a hit in the 80’s called “One Night in Bangkok” which is from a musical about chess. (Yes, Viking Wife walks around with this info in her head). So… on a scale of 1-5 Murray Head’s, how many does this tea get?

I’m giving it 2.5 Murray Heads.  I want to like it, but it has given me a headache. Murray Christmas!

I give this 2 heads. But they aren’t friendly heads.


Day 21 Green Goddess Tea. Weird Pictures and Why Perfume isn’t a beverage.

abstract art artistic bend

So when I looked up Green Goddess this was one of the free photos… I just had to use it. HAD TO. Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

There are two legends on how Tieguanyin (Green Goddess Tea) came to be. There is the Wei Legend and The Wang Legend.

The Wei Legend speaks of a poor tea farmer who passed the temple to Guanyan the Bodhisattva of Compassion. The temple was in disrepair and the poor farmer Wei felt so bad about it. So on his walks, he would bring a broom and incense and twice a month he would tend the temple. It was the least he could do he felt.

A few months of him doing this, he had a dream that Guanyan came to him and told him of a hidden treasure behind her temple. The next day the farmer went there and found a young tea shoot. He planted it in his field and it grew into a lovely healthy tea bush. He gave clippings to his neighbors who in turn grew their own. Soon the area prospered and they called the time Tieguanyin or “The Iron Bodhisattva of Compassion.”

Now the farmer took walks daily to admire the beautiful temple that they repaired to its splendor and everyone lived happily ever after.

The second legend is as follows:

Wang was a scholar and he found a tea bush growing in a Guanyan rock near Xiping. He took the bush home and cultivated it. When Wang visited the Qianlong Emperor he brought tea from the plant as an offering from his village. The emperor loved it and asked where he found it and Wang told him. The plant was then called Quanyan from where it was discovered.

The second legend is probably the true one. But I like to think the first one is.


This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 195° for 2-3 minutes.


First Impression:

It smells like I just mowed my lawn.

Then I made the cup. And it smells like I mowed the lawn and hit some flowers.

Oh… this is not good.  I am drinking perfume again.

I don’t mind perfumery tea, but I am not digging this one. The scent is lush, and it would make a great candle. But it’s not something I feel like drinking. The things I do for my blog. LOL. 

Do you taste any of the notes listed? (From Adagio’s website: Our fine version of Ti Kuan Yin produces a cup that is warm, soft and soothingly mineral in texture. Notes of toasted walnut and tender collard greens. Intriguing lingering floral aroma, lightly orchid and gentle astringency.)

I taste sadness.  What do they think it tastes like? Toasted walnut? No. Collard greens?  *shrug* I haven’t eaten collard greens in 20 years. I feed them to my guinea pig.

I don’t think I can finish this cup. It’s not as bad as that Jasmine horror, but it’s pretty bad. MERRY CHRISTMAS DRINK SOME PERFUME. This is not the tea I would like to drink on Yule.

I totally taste a mineral aftertaste. I am not getting collard greens by my definition. I live in the south and good soul food would laugh at this description. 

I have worked retail for years before I became a writer and I have to say that descriptions are important for online product. That said. WHO THOUGHT COLLARD GREENS was a good way to describe this? 

Adagio lists this as a meditative cup, do you find that to be true? What tea would you enjoy a meditation on?

Mediation should take you out of your body. It should relax the mind and the muscles.  It should open you up to new ideas that flow freely through your quiet brain.

This makes me wonder why someone would choose to drink it. You know when you walk through like Macy’s or some department store perfume department and you can taste the perfumes in the air?  That is this cup. It’s the Jordan Marsh perfume counter of Christmas 1978. I’m 5, I’m sneezing and I can’t breathe for the all the crap in the air.

If I were to do a mediation over a tea, it would be something medicinal. Something I blend and brew for healing. Not this.

I think scented tea is good in theory. But when I drink something I want it to smell how it’s going to taste and this tea is confusing all my senses because my brain is smelling perfume and my mouth is like… this tea needs to be brewed longer and needs a splash of milk. I wouldn’t put milk in this because of the perfume.

Perfume should never be a beverage and I think this crosses over to perfume land. More so then the Jasmine in my opinion. Perhaps because I drink jasmine scented mineral water, but this is just too flowery. Like when someone mixes rosewater to a dessert and use too much and it tastes like soap. We are in soap land. 

Kuan Yin isn’t a ‘goddess’. She is an aspect of Buddha. She is a bodhisattva of compassion, mercy, and forgiveness. Does this tea invoke any of these feelings in you?

No. Not at all. It makes me concerned for people’s taste buds who like this tea. Kuan Yin is a lovely ‘goddess’. I’ve painted her. I gave the original to a former coworker. She was a Chinese Buddhist. And I gave a print of it to a Pagan coworker who is dedicated to Kuan Yin.

My feelings are meh. Its my general feelings about this whole Advent Calendar honestly. 

Adagio is great for quality. It has wonderful blends. They put none of those blends into this box. 

On a scale of 1-5 Goddesses, how many do you give this tea?

I give it one goddess.  Because it isn’t as terrible as the Jasmine one.

I give it one sleepy goddess. Because she’s bored. I’m bored. 


Day 20 That time I compared Viking wife to Chamomile tea.

white yellow flower

Adagio uses chamomile that is from the Nile River Valley in Egypt. While this is very interesting to me, most of the chamomile that people drink is from Germany or England.

Since this is from the Nile Valley, we’re going to talk about how the ancient Egyptians used it.

Chamomile is associated with Ra, the god of the Sun. The sun is a source of life. With it are energy, power, and warmth.

Not only was chamomile used sometimes during the mummification process it was also used to treat malaria. Other people used it in the same manner as the Romans and Greeks.

Oh, can’t forget the Vikings! Sorry Wife. Vikings used it as a hair treatment to add volume and lustre. Sexy Vikings with nice smelling hair.

Chamomile cures a lot of things. It would be easier if I just told you what it doesn’t cure.

It doesn’t cure assholeness.

Yep. Sorry I couldn’t resist. Anyway, chamomile is one of those amazing herbs that everyone should at least try once in their lifetimes. It is said that it even heals other plants. If you have a plant that isn’t thriving planting some chamomile next to it will perk it up. That just makes me happy. I need to be planted next to some chamomile. But I think the Viking Wife is basically human chamomile. Like the sun and makes people happier when she’s around.

This tea contains no caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.


I’M HERE FLIPPING TABLES AND SLAPPING FOOLS. Chamomile is an herb. It’s like Debbie from Addams Family Values it’s a delicate flower. Want to ruin your chamomile?  Boil your water and steep for a long time.


As someone who has studied herbalism i’m here to say you need to steep at 185 for 3-5 minutes. **I followed the Wife’s instructions here and was glad that I did.**


All chamomile I’ve ever consumed has a lovely hint of honey to it naturally.  I’m looking forward to drinking this. My cup will, of course, be properly brewed.  


I’m so upset at these instructions. My kids from the youth group who I’ve done herbal tea classes with would lose their minds over the steeping instructions.  I have two boys ages 14 and 15 who would tell me to calm down and drink a properly steeped cup of chamomile.


First Impression: 

I have never smelt a cup of Chamomile that made me do anything but close my eyes and relax a little bit. This is a great smelling cup of tea. I am very much a scent tied memory keeper so this just brings to mind so many wonderful memories.

Honestly, I’m very pleased this has been included in this collection. This is actually a better tea bag version of this than the one I currently have on hand. I will be ordering some of this for the stash when I order my next round.

The bag smelled nice.  Not unlike any other bagged or loose chamomile i have in my home right now.  The tea brewed up a nice bright yellow with the usual scent of chamomile and honey. It was a smooth cup of tea. No different from any other chamomile I have had.  Which is nice. Adagio didn’t screw this one up.

Chamomile has many name meanings such as earth apple and water of youth. Does this tea do them justice?

I think so. It’s a lovely tea. I grew up drinking ice tea. My mom enjoyed her just plain sun tea without sweeteners or anything like that. When I was about four I had the worst flu of my life and my mom brewed me hot tea for the first time. It was Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea. It had honey in it and it was magical. I had a fever so I think it was legit magical, like had little starbursts dancing around the rim of the cup. At least that’s how I remember it.

For me this tea is the gateway tea to enjoying tea hot. This is of course a much better quality of the CS, which I don’t want to talk shit, because it’s a good cup. But at this stage of my obsession I think I can safely say that I am a snob and I want to see a whole chamomile flower floating peacefully across my cup and not the dust that usually ends up in teabags.

bloom blooming blossom blossoms

Yes. This tea does those names justice.  

That’s all I have for this one. Seriously, this is a nice cup.


Out of all the teas we’ve sampled so far which would you like to be the night before Christmas?

This one. Absolutely, it’s relaxing and peaceful and everything that Christmas should be about. Usually I am up stressing out about stupid shit that doesn’t need to be stressed about. I think this year I’ll just have a cup of Chamomile and let it all sort itself out.  

This one would be a good night before Christmas tea. Especially after Emma and I fill stockings while on a sugar high from chocolate chip cookies and red wine.

Viking Wife do you have any questions? I know you love this tea.

No questions.  But I must say, as Viking Wife, that this is a good tea for Yule (tomorrow!).  We celebrate the rebirth of the sun. Chamomile is a bright, sunny and mellow. It has medicinal properties as well.   It makes a great tea for relaxation. And a cooled version is good for topical treatment of sunburn. It’s a good herb for digestion, and can be easily blended with peppermint (Hello Foxtrot) or lemongrass.  

Many herbalists will warn that if you have pollen allergies that you can have an allergic reaction to drinking this. I am allergic to all the flowers ever, and I’ve never had a reaction.  But I do like to relay the warning to people who have never had it before.

This is one herb i use in iced teas for my youth groups.  It is also one I use when teaching about herbalism to the kids.  


My Mini Unicorn loves that it’s from the Nile River. I had to give some to Anubis. So… How would this rate with Anubis?


Here is my son’s Anubis with his magic lego bricks.

Oh I think this would pass all of his tests. I give it a perfect 5.


Anubis would rate this a solid 5 on a scale of Khonsu to Ra.  🙂 Chamomile was used as an offering to the Egyptian sun god, Ra. Khonsu is a god of the moon.  See what I did there?

Day 19 That time I needed Viking Wife to Protect me from Candy Cane flavoring.


This is Viking Wife’s pic. I was still dead. 


I have nothing nice to say about this. I believe Candy Canes have been covered in the peppermint tea blog.

This is my BAH HUMBUG blog.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 3 minutes.

First impression:

Peppermint tea. Maybe. I hate to say this but it smells like rotten peppermint. Is that a thing? Does peppermint go bad? Like this tea is kinda in a dark alley in London. It’s waiting for someone to come along with parcels of christmas goods and it’s going to stab them and take their stuff and go home and just wreck them. This tea is why we can’t have nice Christmas gifts.

I’m gonna stick a candy cane in here and hope that helps.

Oh god.

I’ve armed it.

Avenge me Viking Wife…


*Shield Maiden Activates* What in Folkvang is this? I thought SURELY SHE IS OVERREACTING. (This is a common misconception for me LOL) I’m now convinced somehow that peppermint can go bad. This is … not good.

I happen to have a bag of the fandom tea The Govermint Takes a Holiday. I thought today’s offering might be close to it.  This Candy Cane is about as close to Govermint as Mycroft and Lestrade get in season 1. Not at all.

If you go back and read the description from Adagio it says ‘you’d better pick some up for a friend, too!’.  WHY? Do we hate our friends? If I ever give someone this tea as a gift, they will know I hate them.

Did they bother to put peppermint tea leaves in this? No. Of course not. Candy cane pieces and peppermint FLAVOUR. They are a fecking tea company that sells peppermint tea.  They put no effort into this blend. Did they have an intern blend this? Odin is going to visit this fool and have Sleipnir shit in their shoes.


Candy Canes are pretty OG Christmas. Are they included in your home traditions/decor?

This tea is vile. I just need to say that. It tastes like someone ruined a perfectly good cup of black tea with mint extract. Like you know how extracts seem all sweet and delightful.. Please drink me from this tiny little bottle… enjoy me. But you take a sip and its pure hell, like when you take a drink of your mom’s water glass and its vodka.

Or is that just me? Annnnnyway. My mom always decorated our tree with candy canes, and when we moved to Ontario she used the delicious ones from Logan’s that were handmade there. They never actually made it to Christmas, my brothers and our friends would just eat them off the tree.

white and red christmas candy on beach sand

This picture just fucking speaks to me. Fuck this tea. Sorry ocean critters…Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

My dad also loved candy canes, but like all the flavors. Knott’s Berry Farm has little gift shops where you can buy old fashion candy, like root beer barrels and stuff. Dad would always buy a bag full of their candy cakes. Those were just sticks, they didn’t have the shepherd’s hook.


Yep. Real ones. Ones with hooks.  Straight sticks. Large ones, normal ones, mini ones.  Beaded ones. Red and white pipe cleaners twisted together.  Mom used to make these gods awful candy cane cookies. She’d make this dough and divide it in half. Half would stay ‘white’ and the other half would be dyed red (which was really pink). Then she’d twist them into candy cane shapes and sprinkle with crushed candy canes.  They weren’t very good. And they always broke.

Since surgery I can’t consume a lot of sugar.  But I do love peppermint. And I make my own peppermint mocha coffee at home. I like to put a little candy cane in it.  Makes it festive.


The History of the Candy Cane dates back to 1600 and keeping kids quiet in church while giving a remind of the Shepherds, did you know this history?


I knew of it, but I assumed it was bullshit. I now know it is not bullshit. I always kinda liked St. Nick the most of the saints, so I am glad that they’re gifted on his day.

man in santa claus costume with diving gear inside aquarium

Santa is gonna save the ocean from that Candy Cane… Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com


I still think it’s bull shit. I grew up Catholic and I never heard this.  We were also not allowed to eat candy in church. Because that’s disrespectful. You’ve got this dead guy on a T hanging above your head, looking out over a scene of his birth with the baby version of him laying there all golden on a bed of hay. Hey kids, behave or this will happen to you. Happy Birthday!


Dessert teas vs regular tea or is there a difference?

I know that some people consider the fruit herbal teas to be more of a dessert tea. I think this would be one of those. You’d need to add sugar I think to fight the flavor they use. It’s not working for me and I don’t enjoy my tea sweeten much.

I personally have some tea that I drink as a dessert treat type. Like the Marshmallow Tea that Adagio came out with last Easter. Totally a … I need something sweet gimme tea.


Wait… dessert tea is a thing?  *looks around*. I drink herbal and fruit teas quite a bit.  I don’t think of them as ‘dessert teas’. I think of them as tea. I don’t want water, I don’t want caffeine, I want a nice flavored warm beverage.  Besides, herbal and fruit teas aren’t proper teas. But I’ve ranted about that already this month.

Have you got any Questions Viking Wife, because I am stuck.


Stuck like a discarded peppermint candy on a snow covered sidewalk.


This tea makes me want to apologize to the candy canes in my candy dish. I want to beg forgiveness from the Ghiradelli peppermint bark.  Instead I shall make a cuppa of what is a superior black peppermint tea. Everyone reading this, if you want a black tea with peppermint go get Govermint Takes a Holiday. It has vanilla and peppermint and candy cane. It’s delightful. It smells lovely. You get that tang of mint, a hint of sweetness from the candy, and that jolt of caffeine from the black tea. And it’s all smoothed with the vanilla.  


I have no questions.  I simply want to smash this horrible offering with the boss of my shield and send it crying to Helheim.


How many Candy Canes would you give this?


1 because it’s black tea and I am so happy to get to have one that I am going to overlook the crappy flavoring.


This gets 1 candy cane.  My preferred black peppermint tea (mentioned many times above) gets a full 5 candy canes.  Seriously. Go order it. You will be happier.


Day 18 The Nightmare before Christmas Tea.

apples close up delicious diet

A crazy amount of Christmas pictures come up when you heard Candy Apple.. Weird. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have no idea why this is even in this selection. It screams October to me and way more Halloween then Festive Yuletide.

So I have decided to include a Candy Apple Recipe because I honestly am baffled by how this a Christmas thing. Enjoy.

Fun Squared Snowball Caramel Apples!

These are so darling, that I might be converted to the Christmas time candied apple….


This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 3 minutes.


First Impression:

Doesn’t smell at all like the one that came from the Wicked Tea set. I am not really getting a huge apple scent with this.

Nope, it’s a passable caramel tea with maybe a hint of apple. Like I brewed this cuppa next to my fruit bowl and an apple was present.

It reminds me of the one that came with the Wicked Tea set.  The bag smells less sweet. The Wicked Teas were all blended with sugar or candy.  

It’s okay. I get more caramel than apple. But I taste the apple. I drank it all while making dinner.  And then I realized that it didn’t leave any further impressions. Meh.

Candy Apple is totally Halloween. Is this the Nightmare before Christmas entry?

I don’t get why this is in the box at all. I much prefer the Candy Apple that came out at Halloween. This is like black tea with caramel flavoring and that’s about it. I am really disappointed with this offering.

Jack would say fuck this and drink Frog’s breath.

Yeah. I agree.  Do people do candy apples for Christmas?  I do not prefer the Candy Apple that was in the Wicked Tea set because it has sugar in it.  I don’t like my tea sweet.

Why flavoring??  I hate flavoring. Why can’t they put caramel shavings in? Or smashed up bits of actual hard caramel candy. These things exist.

Jack would be okay with it because it would marry his holiday to Christmas. And he’d sip it in his tower happily while using a candy cane to make antlers on a pumpkin.

Do you have any recipes for Christmas that include apples?

I once tried some dressing that had apples in it and I thought it was good. We aren’t a big fruit into savory family so it was interesting and different. I am absolutely addicted to apple juice. Like I cannot be trusted with it in the house and I tend to drink way too much. I keep meaning to try spiced apple cider recipes I have collected on Pinterest, it just never happens. Apple doesn’t scream Christmas to me. It’s way more Thanksgiving.


Not usually. My grandpa used to make apple pie like all the time.  I use apple sauce instead of butter in muffins and quick breads. Does that count?  


Candy Apples or Caramel Apples?


Caramel. With nuts. When I had my braces on, I could not eat apples because every single time I did I would break a wire. My dad who was a long distance driver for Coca Cola, had to go up to central California once and on his way back he stopped at this tourist trap called Santa Claus Lane. Like it was this candy and toy shop in the middle of Carpinteria which is basically a small coastal town. It’s not there anymore. Dad brought me home two huge wonderful caramel apples covered in peanuts on the day I got my braces off. Also included was a jawbreaker the size of a baseball. My mom was not pleased.

I think I’ve had a candy apple once. The red stuff is off putting and I didn’t care for it.


Caramel apples.  Candy apples always looked too scary. What was the red stuff? What’s in it? Was it hard?  No thanks. My mom made caramel apples a few times when we were little. But it’s messy. Who wants that? No thanks.  I’ll slice my apple and dip it into caramel. I’m all about ease and not so much about getting my face washed by an aggressive washcloth wielding parent.


How many Crabapples does this tea rate?


Zip. I legit don’t get any apple. So it’s a mighty okay caramel tea but the apple is missing for me. I am going to go drink some apple juice and call it a night.


Crabapples?  We have a crabapple tree at our new house!  I need to get out there next year and prune it. My mom planted an crabapple tree in our front yard and it got water run off from our washer. (don’t ask you know my childhood stories) Those apples always tasted like tide.

I’m rating this tea 2.5 crabapples.  It’s alright.