Once More Into The Breach

I would consider myself a serial blogger. I love blogging, and usually, I start out strong and then get distracted by bright and shiny things. *Plot bunnies for novels usually* 

I guess I should stress that I am unapologetic and completely aware that there is evidence to support that I will ditch this blog too.

This is my third blog.

Yes. My third. I hear you in the back… I can sense your smirky, smirk. 

This is the first blog that is about me. Not about what I am doing, or a theme…

(Yes, yes. Tea and book reviews. I also sense a theme.. )

But it’s not. If you know me well and after this blog, you will, tea and books are who I am.

This blog will not only be about those things, but you can also expect to hear all about my writing. My search for a pen name. Or if I want a pen name – It changes dramatically by the season and day of the week.

I will be writing about my life. The struggles of being a woman, wife, mother, writer, adventurer, and unicorn.

Other topics will be friends, wine, and music. Maybe. The point is, I sincerely hope that you take another chance with me and venture once more into the breach with me. Spend time with the rambling that happens in my head.

Hopefully, I will entertain you, and you’ll come back for tea and bring friends.


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