The First Book Review: Plus WINE!

***Disclaimer*** I may or may not be a “beta” reader for Morgan Elektra… I may have read this story so many times, that I had to start naming my orgasms after the characters in her story, in order to keep track of them. That said, everything in this review is 100% accurate. I won’t write a glowing review unless it’s earned. If I had found this story lacking, I never would’ve reviewed it. (Yeah, so I forgot how to blog. Sorry babe.) I am so lucky that one of my best friends is brilliant. I am a shitty liar as you can see, so its nice not having to. 

Summer is fast approaching (it already feels like summer here), and I wanted to get the jump on the rush. I live in a very touristy part of the world (Cocoa Beach, Florida), and here in our town, we take Spring Break and Summer vacation seriously.

For the next few months, I will be reviewing books that I feel are perfect for you to carry with you to the beach. Or the river, park, road trips, or any place!


The Book Blurb:

He didn’t have to search the crowd for even a second. As soon as he lifted his lids, he saw him. Half in shadow, his voyeur leaned against a wide column, arms crossed over his chest. His black suit was perfectly tailored to his long, lean body. The crisp, blue shirt underneath complemented the ebony hair and porcelain skin. He looked expensive and elegant, despite the scruff of stubble on his cheeks and chin.


But it was the look in his dark eyes that went right to the base of Will’s spine like a bolt of lightning.


It was feral and hungry and needy. Dangerous.


Just Will’s type.


Need a minute? I know right? When I read that blurb, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to pair this with tea. I mean I could try.. Maybe a hot and spicy chai? But no. I had to review this baby with wine. I tried a Malbec. As a mum, it felt like a vacation just on its own.


Yes, I put it in a tea cup. It’s a tea blog… 🙂 I’m a classy Unicorn.

Right away A Single Heartbeat captured my attention. I found myself instantly interested in this universe and intrigued by the setup.

The author, Morgan Elektra crafted words together to make a visually stunning world that I didn’t put down until I had read the whole thing.

First, we meet Reese. He’s a two-hundred-year-old vampire who sips Scotch. He had me at expensive Scotch.

“Nearly a hundred thousand nights had passed since he’d first embraced immortality, and there wasn’t any act he hadn’t tried, any delight he had yet to sample.”

This was the moment I looked around me to make sure I wasn’t about to embarrass myself in public. I don’t want to share more, but let’s just say that Reese is hot as hell.

Now we get to the next main character, Will. Will is a hunter. A man who spends so much time in shadows. A man who brings monsters to justice.

Reese and Will finally meet and it’s instant sexual napalm. (I love that term… Thanks to that Hipster singer guy who used it first.)

The instant chemistry was apparent. I know that it was the point of the story, but I have read some books where I wonder if the main characters can stand each other and why did the writer throw them together.

Perfect dialogue, each character felt real and had a voice that was clear and it flowed so well.

Then it came to the sexy times.

At this point I was well into the Melbec and I recall with perfect slightly foggy recall, that the sexy times left me holding the glass to my lips because I forgot I was drinking it.

To me that is a 5 star review. I forgot what I was doing because it was so engaging and hot that I lost track of important things, like drinking.

Morgan Elektra’s ability to write is clear from the start but once they got their clothes off it was magical.

I am so thrilled that she has decided to make this into a series and that there will be more to read. I could go over this story word by word because I enjoyed it that much. I really don’t want to, because you should go buy it and read it.

This book deserves 4.5 stars out of 5. *See I’m unbiased* I was left wanting more and because I’m a snarky Unicorn, I dinged her on that. Hopefully future stories in this series will be longer… 🙂

So go here – Buy links:

Direct from MLR Press


Barnes & Noble


Also you should go here and read her blog. By Morgan Elektra


The Wine mentioned in this blog was lovely. I had never had a red that I enjoyed as much and I look forward to trying more.

It was a Malbec by Handcraft Wines. Part of their artisan collection. I could taste hints of plum and cocoa. It wasn’t sweet and I liked that a lot. It would’ve been lovely with something Italian, but it paired so well with A Single Heartbeat sexy times that I drank most of the bottle.

I would give this wine a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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