The Tea Habits of a Tea Addict.

I drink a lot of tea. I’m almost certain that if I didn’t wear perfume, my natural body essence is a cross between bergamot and theanine. So basically I’m a relaxed orange.

I cannot think of a tea that I have tried that I didn’t enjoy. I love it iced, hot, and mixed with Lemonade and vodka. My Arnie Palmers rock so hard. It all started when I was little and got my first taste of iced sweet tea. I was hooked and have been hooked since.

Like with coffee, there are habits that most people will have in regards to their drinking of tea. My sister takes her coffee without sugar but needs enough milk to make it blonde.

Some tea people add the milk or creamer in before the hot water so it can grow to room temperature while they’re prepping. Those people are also reckless and open portals to hell when they play with Lament configurations. For me, milk doesn’t touch the cup until the tea is steeped. I need it to be exactly the right color. Otherwise, TEPIDOPHOBIA kicks in, and this Unicorn gets stabby.


One of the few places in my life where my OCD isn’t bothered by the lack of matching. Silly sentiment.

My favorite everyday tea is PG Tips. It’s an English, black tea. This is my go to tea. Had a bad day? Have a cuppa. Want to relax and work on some knitting/crocheting? Decaf PG Tips is just as good as the regular.


I like my English tea blond. Like my English men. *Swoons..Martin Freeman*

I have in my house over 50 different kinds of teas. This is the tea that I drink every day.

My habits for brewing new tea are concrete. I use bottled water for the first batch. I boil the water to the right temperature for the type of tea. Different tea types require different heat. I drink it straight. Then I try it with sugar and then the experiments with milk, cream, half and half happen.

I have not yet found PG Tips brand English Breakfast. Because I don’t live in England where this magical tea runs wild and free in Tesco. I would love to try that, and it would probably become my favorite first thing in the morning tea.

But right now as I am writing this, I am enjoying a hot cuppa. With half and half. PG Tips doesn’t get sugar because I think it changes the taste to significantly.

I do put sugar in my English Breakfast, but that is a whole other blog post.

Now I must get back to my crochet project. A little dishtowel and coaster set for my kid’s teacher.


Pattern can be found HERE. Yarn used in this post is Lily’s Sugar N’ Cream. The colorway is Emerald Isle. The hook is H. There is a lovely tutorial on Youtube by Crochet Crowd. 


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