Hello Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny arrived in our home as expected. *Because I am the Easter Bunny in my house, so I knew who was getting the goods and who was getting rotten eggs.*

This year, however, my Permanent Roommate surprised me with a few little things. *Like totes surprised me.* **I almost had vapors.** ***I’m hardly ever surprised because I’m as patient as a six-year-old on Christmas morning with most things.***

I have been researching another tea review blog as well as reading for my next review. But once I saw what the Bunneh brought me, I had to throw up a small little blog to honor it.

Excuse my lack of trying to hide the evidence I live with a five-year-old frat boy.

Here it is… My Easter surprise!


Look at Hello Sushi Chef Kitty!! I think that Bunny is jelly. 

Hello Kitty, limited edition green tea. Traditional and unsweetened. Holy shit. No really. HOLLLLLLY SHIT. It’s as if the magic of Easter has come together to give me two things I love so much that I could be singing to the universe as if I was a Disney Princess. Like my fairy godmother would bring this to me, and I would be bibbidi bobbidi booing all freaking day.

It’s hard to find traditional pre-made green tea and particularly challenging to find it in this part of the world unsweetened. Which to be honest is kinda silly. Traditionally green tea isn’t sweet.


Here is my 5 year old, modeling his finger for your viewing enjoyment. 

The can boasts “The unique and light flavor of this green tea is refreshing and can be enjoyed anytime.”

Great. I’m gonna enjoy this right now. NOW. That’s why I had to write a blog about it and not wait. *Please see the previous statement about my level of patience.*

Well, I just took a sip. I usually drink my green tea hot, but enjoy it chilled as well. I gotta say, the flavor is very light even for traditional green tea.



That chick is pissed at me for opening the limited edition can. He was banking on it as a retirement investment I think… 

I suppose I was prepared for a stronger tea profile since it’s in a can. It is good. If you’re a tea lover and enjoy straight green tea, you’d enjoy this. I am so keeping this can and going to use it as a beginner planter for my lemon bergamot seeds.

Overall a splendid surprise from the Easter Bunny! Thank you, you big fuzzy bun bun guy!!


*** I tried to find if you can buy this online. I can’t find anything. Well there were a few blogs of fan-humans such as myself, but no links for purchase. This can was found in Publix Grocery Store, over in the sushi section. Sorry I can’t be much more of a help. ***


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