Book Review FU. Best Title Ever.


FU: Fixer Uppers is the first book by Devon McCormack that I’ve read. So I wasn’t exactly positive what I was expecting. I enjoyed the suspense of not knowing what I was going to read. I find that as a super reader and writer I end up going for the same thing over and over. *I regret reading all 39423957293 Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Books.* **I’m a completest.**

Recently I had found myself in a literary rut of sorts. After I had finished Morgan Elektra’s A Single Heartbeat, I was in a book limbo.

Book Limbo: (Noun) That hellish place you roam between your last favorite book and your newest favorite book. Often filled with books you’ve read a million times before, shampoo bottles, and public notices at bus stops.

I needed fun and new. I wanted a story that I could take home for the night, pull its hair and call it a few light-hearted nasty names. I would, of course, cook it breakfast in the morning and then we’d never see each other again. A hot and steamy affair without the walk of shame.

This book utterly failed.

It failed because I enjoyed it and wanted it to stay longer than breakfast. In fact, I took the damn thing to lunch.


Both the book and the burger were as delish as they appear. 

In fact, while I was enjoying my meal the waitress took a peek at what I was reading. I think she was equally hooked as I was. It was pretty impressive to gush with a complete stranger over how great the book was, how she had to get it immediately and read it that night.

I read FU twice so I could write this review. *No really, I did it because I wanted to.* The two main characters were fully formed and had their own voices. Mikey and Scott’s first meeting starts off very rocky, but soon it blossoms into so much more.


This picture would’ve come out better, had I not been worried my Iphone 7 was gonna pull a Luca Brasi and sleep with the goddamn fishes. 

The dialogue in this book is what captures and makes it enjoyable to read more than once. The banter between the characters feels real, and it adds to Mr. McCormack’s hot as fuck sex scenes. (Trust me, read the book, and you’ll understand why I had to use fuck. It’s so necessary.)

There is family conflict that I think comes across as real. I didn’t feel any of the standard formula read with this. There was angst, but not really where I expected it to be. That was refreshing. It was as close as one could get to being a fairy-tale without actually being cliche. *Think the distance from Spanky’s Adult Emporium to DLand in Anaheim California. Oh yeah this California Girl went there…* **Actually she’s been there a few times.**

Mikey and Scott’s relationship while having tons of delightful sex also built up into something more. It was lust at first sight for sure, but it evolves at a perfect pace. The book’s blurb gave away the bit that there would be a happy ending. That didn’t mean much though. They were so fun to read that I rooted for them anyway. *I totally spoke to my iphone a few times. A lot of C’mon guys, don’t be assholes.* The epilogue made me wish for another 200 pages.

FU is the perfect book if you love hot erotica, that doesn’t bog you down with a bunch of useless drama for the sake of filling in a word count. I am going to have to read all of Devon McCormack’s books now. I’m pretty excited so expect to see more reviews of them here.

I didn’t want to give away spoilers because you should read it. Now. Go. Why ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? Shoo.


OK fine. Here are links.

FU: Fixer Uppers by Devon McCormack

Google Spanky’s if you want their info. Only 15 minutes from the happiest place on Earth.. Just sayin.


Read the book so you know why this made me giggle. I think Mikey would totes enjoy the nudge nudge of this. Mr. Fucks-Like-A- Champ. 



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