Twinings Prince of Wales Tea. An Earl Grey Odyssey.



*Note how hard I am holding this. I wanted to chuck this tin into the nearest river.* **Wait, hasn’t that been done before?**

Dear Readers let this be a lesson to you. *This is a rage blog btw. Not completely planned as usual.* **Caffeine was also involved.** ***About twenty times more than I am usually used to even.***

Read the fucking package on your tea. If you don’t have knowledge of it before hand or if you haven’t researched it completely.

It’s okay of course to buy blind with tea. There are so many options and brands that honestly I would spend days if not weeks just lost in a rabbit hole of tea sites before deciding on one.

Buy it for the packaging, or the name, or because it called out to you in a sing song voice, begging you to dump hot water on it. *I can never resist the siren call of tea.*

I purchased Twinings Prince of Wales tea while visiting my favorite British Shoppe in downtown Melbourne. I love that place and buy a lot of tea from there. It has a tea bar, and I believe that the people who run it are magical.

The black tin called to me. Also, it made me think of Prince William. *I am American. I think Prince, I think William. I realize now that the actual Prince of Wales is Charles. I was not daydreaming of having tea with Charles when I purchased this.*


You beautiful human. I would have tea with you right now. *Photo credit is Hello Mag I believe*

I came home, and this tin kinda got thrown into the back of the cupboard, and I went on with my life.

However. I tried it today. I tried it three times. Three different ways. I don’t like this tea. In a way, I supposed I was basing how I thought it should taste on Twinings Earl Grey and their Lady Grey tea.

Lady Grey is genuinely lovely, and I’ve only tried the Twinings brand, so I will be branching out on that one.

Twinings EG is not my fav. I prefer The English Tea Shop brand. It’s organic; it’s pure Ceylon black tea and bergamot. *blah blah fair trade, blah blah try it.*

I like my Earl Grey assertive. – CLH to KRN

Three cups of it and I begin to research the tea itself. Ah, it’s considered a light afternoon tea, with a mild flavor.


I’m starting to feel a bit sheepish for ranting to KRN *The Viking Wife* about how I need black tea to be the VOID in which darkness reigns and hopes and dreams go to die.

I think my description of black tea may be the most metal I’ve ever been.

Prince of Wales tea is nothing at all how I like my Earl Grey, nor my usual black teas.

It annoys me that Earl Grey has such a rep for being a flowering tea. I believe this is the case because there are no set formulas for it.

For example, the different between Earl Grey and Lady Grey is a floral note. Cornflowers are included to the usual black tea and bergamot.

Russian variant of it has lemongrass and citrus peels.

French Earl Grey has rose petals, or jasmine included. Because of love. Love makes Earl Grey whisper sweet nothings into your ear as your taste buds float away on a bed of rose petals and jasmine perfumed the air. *But then it doesn’t return your call, and you always have a distinct hatred of baguettes and berets.*

South African Earl Grey uses Rooibos instead of the traditional black tea. I have tried it and I enjoy it. But it has no caffeine and I use EG as a wake me up and go kind of tea.

There is an Earl Green or Earl White which is made with green or white tea respectively. But I won’t try them so they can fuck off. *I love green and white tea. I just don’t like change. It scares me. I’m frightened. Bad tea touch. I need an adult.*

Earl Grey is the tea used in London fogs, but that is a whole other blog post that will be posted soon. *I have pictures of it, so I need to write it up.*


Back to the Prince of Wales. 

This tea is a solid three. If you like your tea weak. Like a particular book character *I’m looking at your Anastasia Steele* **I fucking call bullshit on anyone who dunks the tea into the hot water and then pulls it right out. Just drink hot water. That’s not tea. That’s hating yourself in a cup.**


I missed this at the checkout. Bummmmer man. Game over.

I found there to be little to no aroma. The flavor was light, and I tasted way more bergamot than I did tea. Usually, there is a balance between the flavors, because the orange oil that is bergamot has a way of totally taking over the flavor profile of tea.

I drink so much tea; I am almost sure that if I stopped using body wash and perfume my natural body odor would be theaflavins and bergamot.

The tin states that this tea is weak so it’s my fault. However, I still feel that this tea is overall weaker than usual and lacking everything that I look for in most of my teas. *Aroma, flavor, namely the two biggest ones.*

I may in the future try this again by a different brand but will keep in mind that brewing it with three times the leaf and twice the time I usually do will do nothing but piss me off.


I’ve had 6 cups of tea this morning. I can taste color. All the color. Burnt sienna is lovely. Its the bergamot in my dreams.

No tea was harmed much in the making of today’s blog. Much.


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