Who is this Unicorn?

I have wanted to be a writer since I won the “Up, Up, and Away!” Creative writing contest in second grade. It was a riveting tale of a pear that grew on a tulip tree.

Since then, I’ve had work publish in local newspapers and hope/plan/would like to have more of my work published.

I have said countless times that I am a writer. I write. I firmly believe the biggest difference between me and the average person is that I am actively writing. I try to hit my word count goals daily. Some days the words rain down like fire. Other days it’s a drought. But I love it. It is my first passion and the one that occupies a lot of the time I find myself in my own head.

I am a self-confessed Tea addict. I don’t plan on giving it up. It’s a lifelong love affair, and because of it, I now suffer from Tepidophobia.

This blog will be steeped in tea. Good books. *Maybe a few bad* A place to share with you bits of my work and hopefully we can be friends.

I am a professional Unicorn. I also make up a lot of shit. But that is mainly work related. Mostly.

If you wish to contact the Unicorn, please see the “Contact Me” page.